Sony is offering Typo-like keyboard case

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Sony is working for bright look of its devices in mobile phone market. Sony has premium device and it is difficult for them to explain the high price of their devices. The tech-giant is standing on its premium quality in the market. If consider Xperia Z3. it basically a Xperia Z2 beside the changes of it design and few changes.


The device has no metal body. It lacks the feature of Quad HD display and Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chip. It has pondered us why it had launched the device in first place. Sony realized that it should have some metal to its phone. Sony should the it. The company included its own software in their devices but not much a difference in the customers.

The Typo Keyboard for iPhone 5 is before you. It would be better that the Android device is available with keyboard case without charge. Sony should minus the cost of case in their unique product.

This is not beneficial for Sony but every phone maker can get it. Although touch screen are mostly admired but there are many people who want QWERTY keyboard and these people are ready to pay out premium to get the benefit.




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