The world’s most rough, Android, LTE cell phone – introduced to keep going for the majority of life time events.

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The Sonim Xp7 Extreme is a practically indestructible having Android 4.4 Kitkat LTE ultra tough Smartphone. It was fabricated for compelling use and to handle great conditions. The Xp7 is developed from the beginning handle:
• Shock and sway safety above military specs
• Water submersion up to 6.5 feet (counting salt water)
• Extreme high temperature and icy temperatures
• Dirt, mud, sand and dust-evidence
• Endurance – with a 2-3x battery (4800ma) the extent of different cell phones
• Can be utilized with gloves

Sonim HD
In the event that you’ve ever experienced broken telephones, or dreaded for your telephone, the Sonim Xp7 Extreme is the Android LTE Smartphone for you. It can go all around you can go, and handle anything you can deal with. On the off chance that your exercises are significant.

Sonim overview
The rough outer surface may resemble a defensive case, however look once more. The Sonim Xp7 Extreme is NOT a defensive telephone case. In excess of nine years, we at Sonim Technologies have been making the world’s most rough and sturdy cellular telephones for first responders, development laborers and the war persons. With the first Android LTE Smartphone, Sonim is searching for dynamic games shoppers to be “Sonim Explorers” and stick us to make Sonim cell phones a piece of individuality of life. Progressively, bigger organizations are looking towards crowdfunding stages to quickly and successfully investigate new markets and clients. We need the dynamic games group to purchase this telephone, and be the first on the heights, trail, and waterways.It seems that Sonim telephones are Built forever.

The gadget can deal with compelling hotness and icy also. Sonim backs its creation with a three-year exhaustive guarantee. Details of Sonim Xp7 incorporate Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Soc with 1.2ghz quad-center CPU, a gig of RAM, and 16gb of inherent memory. The gadget offers full network suite headed by 4g LTE help.
The showcase of the handset is designed to handle with covered hands i.e gloves. Clients will have the capacity to effectively see the substance on the screen even in amazingly splendid environment.
A 8mp fundamental cam is accountable for catching memorable moments, while a 1mp front-confronting. The Sonim Xp7 Extreme emphasizes a 19mm sound speaker with 103db of yield.

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  1. Umar says:

    I think it is not rough. i think it is water proof and fall from height proof.

  2. Sonim mobile phone very nice

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