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The Puzzlephone is a measured cellphone outlined in Nokia’s main residence

Google’s Project Ara isn’t the main trust for telephones with replaceable and upgradeable parts. Finland’s Circular Devices is creating an option idea called the Puzzle telephone, which separates the handset into three constituent components. The telephone’s Spine gives the LCD, speakers and essential structure, its Heart contains the battery and auxiliary hardware, and its Brain...


Get up to $550 by exchanging your iPhone with Blackberry Passport

Blackberry is attempting to persuade iphone managers to change to its Passport cell phone by tossing in a money related motivation. The advancement, which begins Monday, guarantees as much as $550 to iphone managers who exchange their handsets for Blackberry’s Passport. The real exchange quality relies on upon the iphone, with the iphone 4s it...


Plan V Safeguard Cell phone Charger Utilizes 9volt Batteries

Off and on again its not generally conceivable to recall to take a cell phone charger reinforcement battery with you to verify your cell phone is totally charged at all times and when those times emerge it generally is by all accounts amid a paramount call or sms discussion. Flintu think they have concocted the...