Cola discharged another sapphire extra large screen thousand Yuan telephone: 1499 yuan

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Huge cola telephone today advertised the arrival of the third era of items, “enormous Coke 3” cellular telephone, valued at 1499 yuan. Huge cola telephone author Ding Xiuhong said an extensive Coke hit the extra large screen cell telephones, sold enormously; two major cola leader quad-center wide screen mobile phone cam telephones sold in excess of 1 million units, a little Coke thousand Yuan lead phone. The expensive principle cola three thousand Yuan sapphire telephone cam telephones.

Cola big 3
Ding Xiuhong presented, said the huge cola cell telephone extend in August 2013, is arranged to 5 inches sapphire screen, with a determination of 1920×1080, the pixel thickness of 441ppi; Mediatek Mt6752 eight-center 1.7ghz processor 64, Mail-T760 GPU; cam mix Front 800 million pixels (Sony Imx219,88 degree wide-plot) + Rear 13 million pixels (Sony Imx214, f/ 2.0 gap); 2500mah battery, help 1500mah quick charging; 3gb RAM + 16gb ROM, up to 128gb memory card development; space Support Nano-SIM/ Microsd card substitution; with titanium edge, body thickness of 7.25mm.

cola 3
Notwithstanding fittings, a vast Coke 3 telephones utilizing the UI focused around substantial Coke Android4.4 variant 2.0, the fundamental gimmicks are:
1. Support 7 desktop alternate route symbol, the symbol can be home or work as per the scene of programmed characterization;
2. Intelligently capture phone provocation;
3. Smart Yellow Pages, from the UI framework side access to an assortment of life applications;
4. Incorporated location book social connections;
5. Wake-up data screen motions;
Enormous cola telephone ZHANG Xiao presented, said boss designer, three cell telephones notwithstanding its own particular substantial Coke UI 2.0 variant of the connector, it likewise furnishes clients with multi-framework help, help MIUI, Le Frog OS and other multi-framework adjustment to download.

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