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There Will Be No Update To X Platform 2.0 For Nokia X Range

This may not be good news for Nokia X users that the software platform 2.0 OS for Nokia X by Microsoft and released with Nokia X2 will not roll out for Nokia X, Nokia X++,  Nokia XL series. On its conversions blog Microsoft confirmed that it is due a necessary hardware up gradation and Nokia...


Sony Xperia M2 Vs Nokia XL

SONY XPERIA M2 Sony Xperia M2 a smartphone with a schedule of its own. Key task is to upgrade the popular Xperia M Check. The M2 brings a bigger screen. The chipset is better and camera resolution is high. The M2 also adds LTE and a higher battery capacity. 2nd task is to give Sony...

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Nokia announces its first Android phones, the X and X+ series

Nokia has officially launched its line Nokia X brand handsets at MWC 2014. Nokia X is first Android device. Nokia X’s operating system has been built on Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Three handsets were launched: the Nokia X, the Nokia X+ and the Nokia XL. All three devices are budget-offerings, combining Nokia’s Lumia styling and...