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iPhone 7 review and price in pakistan

Apple iPhone 7 review, specs, Price in Pakistan

This year we’ve seen the launch of many fantastic Android smartphones with fast flagships, all day battery life. That put some big pressure on Apple to deliver a new iPhone model early as possible. So Finally Apple had launched the iPhone 7 on September 16th, and It is now available in markets.


Lenovo Sisley shows what the iPhone 6 should look like

Lenovo is taking a shot at another Android cell phone called Sisley, which has simply had its photographs spilled. The organization appears to have been vigorously motivated by Apple when outlining the Sisley, as it looks like the iPhone 6 as close as telephone we’ve seen. Lenovo appreciate moving around in an one stage forward...


Apple IPhone 6 Models-Wait Is Over

There was much talk about iPhone 6 model in couple of months before and Apple has filled the dream the dream of its fans by introducing the new iPhone 6 models. Apple has announced two new models which are iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. The iPhone 6 model has 4.7 inch Ratina HD display...


Instagram Hyperlapse App-Makes The Shaky Videos Smooth

The Instagram feed videos has one similarity, they are a bit shaky and mainly it is due to shooting on mobile devices which results in jerky videos. If you have 1080p resolution on your device but you also need image stabilization means pixel quality will not be as effective as you want. Instagram has made...


IPhone 6 with three memory option to buy

Now days every phone make is trying to provide large display but this is only a thing to consider, memory is also a thing to be in mind and Apple has significant upgrade in its iPhone 6 upcoming model. It seems that Apple is preparing itself to for the launch of iPhone 6– Now it...


New Apple iPhone 6 images arrives

The Apple Company going to be launching the new iphone and give the name as i phone 6 and it come into the market very soon .According to report this phone came into the market round about the month of September in this year. The iPhone 6 has two versions regarding their size. The smaller...


Apple iPhone 6 will use enhanced Touch ID sensor

Last year we have seen that when apple launched iPhone 5s, then the distinguishing thing in that smartphone which differentiated it from predecessors like iPhone 5 and successors iPhone 5c, is the feature of Touch ID sensor and now Apple aiming to have same in next device also. There are suggestions that Apple is working...


The All-Glass patent granted to Apple

There were rumors playing around that one day Apple design will be piece of glass. Apple has granted a patent that it will have it aluminum design replaced with all-glass casings in U.S. A patent was granted to Apple in which it can have method of fusing glass structures for iOS devices. Apple is working...


Apple is working on security level and UI based on user location

Apple is working out to fill up patent named as” Location sensitive security levels and setting profiles based on detected location”. The patent is about technology in which change of software and hardware is covered based on change in location. It will also changes the security level for iPhone unlocking is related to location  of...


Here Is How HTC One M8 looks like in black

The users of HTC know very well about the popularity and working condition of HTC mobiles, this is the reason that HTC now going to launched another mobile set in the black color and version of the M8. This device is already available in another clouds which is silver ,grey, and golden but not in ...