5 Best Data Recovery Apps For Android

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Android devices are used by millions of people worldwide daily and if you’re one of them then you know the importance and features that this OS provides. Thousands of useful apps, games, and tools make the Android device very interesting. But due to the huge number of Android users, there are many privacy and security risks. Apps installed from 3rd party sources can get your Android device in trouble. Also, if somehow Android device got malfunctioned then there’s no choice left and you need to reset your device or need to re-install the entire OS. These all circumstances will delete all your user data and apps data as well. All your important pictures, videos, unblocked games and much more will be deleted. Users who’re using an SD card to store all their data won’t have any serious problem but apps which are installed in the internal storage of the device will be deleted and data will also be removed instantly. Hence, it’s recommended to use an Android data recovery apps. We’ve shown the best Android data recovery apps here which are really very useful.

Hundreds of data recovery apps are available for Android device but few of them works well. A best Android data recovery app is one which can recover all your important data like photos, videos, chats, apps data and so on. These all this are very important and no one wants to lose all these things. There are few android data recover apps in the market which can do this thing with ease. All these apps are available in PlayStore and offer the in-app purchase for additional features.

1) GT Recovery – Undelete,Restore

This is our first recommendation which is powerful and easy to use the app to recover the deleted data from Android device. Your Android device should be rooted else app can’t recover the data. Data recovery needs some special permission which only a rooted Android device can provide. The app can scan for the deleted data which can be recovered from your phone’s internal storage or SD card space. The number of files recovered is also shown on the screen as well.

Another amazing feature about this app is that data to be recovered can be previewed easily. This is very powerful and useful feature as if some of the data isn’t important to you, you can exclude it from being recovered.

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2) DiskDigger Photo Recovery:

This another great Android data recovery app can help you in recovering the deleted images, photos etc. from your device’s storage space. This app claims to recover your data without rooting. But then the scan will be limited and you won’t be able to recover all the data. Hence, rooting is necessary but better trying your luck using this app to recover recently deleted pictures without rooting Android device. But, to get the complete juice of this app, root your device and then recover your data. Later you can un-root your Android device when recovery is complete.

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3) EaseUS Mobi Saver:

Another amazing app which lets you recover almost everything on your device’s an external storage space. It’s very easy to use and quick scan can be done without rooting the device. A quick scan will recover only some pictures and videos from the device. TO perform a deep scan, Android device rooting is necessary. Accidentally deleted photos, pictures, images, videos, text messages, WhatsApp conversation and call logs like data recovery is possible using this Android app. The preview feature is also available which is another useful feature you can enjoy using this app in Android.

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4) dr.fone – Recovery & Transfer wirelessly & Backup:

This app is developed by Wondershare Software and claims to be the highest recovery rate in the industry. To get the 100% success rate e.g you need all the data to be recovered, your phone should be rooted and only then this software will work for you. Almost all the popular photo formats are supported by this app. Videos, messages, contacts can be recovered if your device is rooted. Powerful features of this one of the best Android data recovery apps will surely help you out in many ways and you don’t need to worry about most of the things while recovering the data. Download and install the app and try this on your own.

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5) Recover Deleted Pictures: Data Recovery Disk Scan:

As its name states that it’s the special data recovery app for deleted images and pictures. Just like all other data recovery apps, the rate of data recovering is high in rooted Android devices but if you run this app on a non-rooted device, the data stored will be very less. This app can restore photos in any format, videos can also be recovered and whole mobile scan e.g internal and external storage space can be scanned. There are few algorithms which can be selectively run by the user. Download this app today and start recovering your data.

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