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Top 10 Longest Battery Life Smartphones 2017

Everyone looks for longest battery life smartphones when buying a new one. It is the most important consideration for every smartphone user. There are hundreds of different smartphones available in the market, but only a few can get you through the day. Some smartphones offer incredible battery life and come with high mAH capacity. However, some smartphones will employ different...


Samsung Galaxy Alpha official unveiled to cover up iPhone 6

Finally we see unveil of Samsung Galaxy Alpha smartphone by Samsung.  It is considered as first one which will have all-plastic construction which is more durable, it has used metal frame also, and a plastic back which is removable. This is will give it a premium look. It is considered as high end device, though...


Samsung Galaxy Alpha information appears in photos

Samsung Galaxy Alpha leaked out in online photos, revealing that it is not quitting yet. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is considered to be one of the premium devices as it was expected in tablet devices like Samsung Galaxy pro. There were rumors gathering around that the company is intended to work on metal handsets instead...