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Microsoft introducing the Surface Pro 3 Tablet

In New York City, the company has unveiled its new 12-inch, Core i7 Surface Pro 3 tablet device and Microsoft is pitching the 9.1mm thick tablet, the most thinnest Intel Core product ever made– as to replace for your iPad and laptop combination. There were rumors that Apple is testing similar sized tablets for future...


Microsoft Surface Mini May be Public In May 20

There are rumors that Microsoft Corporation is sending invitation to press regarding launch of Microsoft surface mini tablet. This press release will be held at 20th May at New York. Yet complete details are unclear until it will be presented publically.   The invitation wording is “JOIN US FOR A SMALL GATHERING”. It is expected...

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Nokia-Microsoft Completed the Deal For New Nokia

Nokia announced that Microsoft has acquired its Devices & Services business. The deal was announced in last year September. Nokia’s mobile business is now a Microsoft subsidiary which is called Microsoft Mobile, Nokia has completed the deal for sale of his handset business to big giant the Microsoft; it has kept Chennai manufacturing plant, out of...