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Top 10 Longest Battery Life Smartphones 2017

Everyone looks for longest battery life smartphones when buying a new one. It is the most important consideration for every smartphone user. There are hundreds of different smartphones available in the market, but only a few can get you through the day. Some smartphones offer incredible battery life and come with high mAH capacity. However, some smartphones will employ different...


Samsung Galaxy S6 may brandish double edge show

New subtle elements on Samsung’s next leader gadget, which used to be codenamed “Task Zero,” have quite recently developed. Estimated to convey the moniker of Galaxy S6, the new gadget is said to gimmick a double edge show. This implies that it will be bended on both its left and right sides. At present, the...


Samsung Galaxy S6-All Metal Body device

The purported Samsung Galaxy note 4 is said to have metal body but Samsung Galaxy s6 is said to be the first device which has all metal body. This device is suggested to reveal in the year of 2015. There are reports that this trend of all metal body is not fully committed by company...