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data recover tools for Android

5 Best Data Recovery Apps For Android

Android devices are used by millions of people worldwide daily and if you’re one of them then you know the importance and features that this OS provides. Thousands of useful apps, games, and tools make the Android device very interesting. But due to the huge number of Android users, there are many privacy and security...

mobile repairing tutorials in urdu

Best Mobile Repairing Video Tutorials in Urdu

Everyone knows that mobile repairing is a profitable business in Pakistan and India. If you are uneducated or you don’t have enough budget to start a large business, then mobile repairing is best for you. You can learn mobile repairing from anywhere in your city, but if you have an internet connection, then you don’t need...

Common usb disconnection issues

Common usb disconnection issues and their solutions

Sometimes when we use the USB flash drive with our computer or laptop, it shows error message appearing like your USB device does not recognize or any custom premade message you see. That time you just need to help yourself with common sense or technological knowledge. Most people get confused with Google search results. So...

longest battery life smartphones

Top 10 Longest Battery Life Smartphones 2017

Everyone looks for longest battery life smartphones when buying a new one. It is the most important consideration for every smartphone user. There are hundreds of different smartphones available in the market, but only a few can get you through the day. Some smartphones offer incredible battery life and come with high mAH capacity. However, some smartphones will employ different...

Top 10 Best Upcoming Smart Phones in Pakistan During 2017

The smartphone is a must needed gadget of our life. And they are getting more powerful. Smartphones are not only the way of communication, but they are making our life easier than ever. So everyone one is looking to have the best phone in a pocket. That’s the competition between smartphones companies is very high,...

iPhone 7 review and price in pakistan

Apple iPhone 7 review, specs, Price in Pakistan

This year we’ve seen the launch of many fantastic Android smartphones with fast flagships, all day battery life. That put some big pressure on Apple to deliver a new iPhone model early as possible. So Finally Apple had launched the iPhone 7 on September 16th, and It is now available in markets.

Google play store vs apple store

Google Play Store vs Apple App Store

Introduction: Apple app and Google play are the two leading stores in the mobile app industry. They both offer free and paid apps, books, Music, TV series and much more. But the question is that which store is better in term of performance, downloads, apps, etc There are lot of comparisons in our daily life...

how to root and unroot android device

How to Root and Unroot any Android device.

How to Root/Unroot your smartphone easily. I know You are the one who wants to root your android device. But You might think that it is a time-consuming process and it may need a PC or laptop. But you’re wrong. Now you can root and even unroot your smartphone with every easy and simple method....