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Samsung Galaxy S5 mini

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini A New Variant

Reports regarding Galaxy Mini S5 does n’t stop coming in. The final piece of the Galaxy Mini S5 we have recognized in the form of “in the wild” shots dictating the minor version of Sammy’s flagship in all its grandeur. The Korean company stands by design Galaxy Mini S5 variant will also perforated pattern on the...

android kitkat

Android 4.4 KitKat Release For Samsung Galaxy Note 2

There is good news for Samsung Galaxy Not 2 owner that Samsung has just started to update for Andrioid 4.4 Kitkat. Update started from France yet, other countries should follow in coming days. Unlocked version of Sumsung Galaxy Note 2 has given the priority. Features: All the KitKat-specific features brought by the update for the...

samsung galaxy s5

Samsung new smartphone, the Galaxy S5

Samsung introduces its new products out every month. Samsung launches a new model a year in each of its main product lines. Samsung does more than that. In 2013 we saw 5 new S4s and no doubt we see the same with the Galaxy S5. Design: Its screen is 2% bigger, the processor is 5% faster...