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In last month at MWC, Microsoft announced LG will start Windows Phone eco-system in the coming months. Till now LG remained did not revealed about their Windows Phone plans. An image of a purported LG handset with Windows Phone 8.1. The device is named as Uni8. Earlier previous months, Microsoft announced that it has a new Windows...


Gold Nokia Lumia 930 Caught on Camera

The new version of Nokia Mobile “Nokia Lumia 930” coming very soon in the market and it is expected in June of this year. This mobile come in a shiny gold –plated edition. This edition of nokia is for rest of the world and it is similar to the previous version of nokia which is...

BLU Windows Phone

Windows Phone Device Teased by Blu Products

If we want to have a smartphone than we prefer brands like Htc, apple, Sony, Apple etc. but the story doesn’t ends here. There are some other manufacturers and BLU product is one of them in spite of fact that they are not seemed to have that much attention. BLU Products is a smartphone manufacturer....