Windows Phone Device Teased by Blu Products

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If we want to have a smartphone than we prefer brands like Htc, apple, Sony, Apple etc. but the story doesn’t ends here. There are some other manufacturers and BLU product is one of them in spite of fact that they are not seemed to have that much attention.

BLU Products is a smartphone manufacturer. It has more than 10 million devices in 40 countries throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and the United State. BLU Products is known for their Android devices that are affordable.

BLU Windows Phone

After the free license of window phone operating system many Windows Phone platform are emerged. One is Blu Products that has teased the Windows Phone device on its Facebook page. BLU product is generally known as mid-range affordable Android phones.

It has said that BLU Products wants to try Windows Phone handsets and on a post on its Facebook page, the company is teasing to what upcoming Windows Phone device.

They did not mention hardware specs that we can expect, however the Dash 5.0, resemble with another one of the company’s handsets which has 5-inch display, so it could have same feature as well.

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