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The Apple Company going to be launching the new iphone and give the name as i phone 6 and it come into the market very soon .According to report this phone came into the market round about the month of September in this year. The iPhone 6 has two versions regarding their size. The smaller one has size is 4.7 inch and the larger one has size is 5.5 inches but the interesting thing is that both these phones will be launching at the same time. According to the apple source both these versions of phones are smaller than the iPhone 5 an earlier version of the apple company.


Features of iphone 6 mobile device:

The main features of this specific device are listed as below:

  • It supports the transparent text.
  • It has a 64 bit processor
  • It has the touch screen
  • It has two size 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch as discussed above
  • It has good graphic processing because it has the 192 mobile core graphic processing ability
  • It has also the A8 chip
  • It support the good camera and ultimately very improved picture quality
  • The iphone 6 has the 10 mega pixels which defiantly enough for good picture quality.
  • It provide the facility of interchangeable lenses
  • It has the good battery power
  • It also support the updated version of Wi-Fi automatically
  • It available in different market
  • The design of iphone 6 is very different from others normal case
  • It has the higher resolution and i-e  2,272×1,280
  • It’s screen is looking very pretty because it like  has thin and efficient also
  • If we study the resolution f both these iphone 6 apples separately than customer can guess the more accurate idea.
  • The dimension of smaller iphone 6 which is (4.7) is 1704 x 960 pixels, while the dimension of larger i phone 6 phone (5.5 inches) are 2560 x 1440 pixels.
  • It also support the A8 processor
  • Still the price of iPhone 6 is not final because till it is not launching in the market , but according to conditions and source the price of this specific device will be 100$ or round about.

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