Corning Works together with Samsung to Thin the New Galaxy ALPHA Cell phone with Gorilla Glass 4

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Samsung is first in world with 0.4 mm discrete touch spread glass cell phone
Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) published today that Samsung has picked 0.4 mm thick Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 as the discrete touch spread glass in their sleekest cell phone ever – the Galaxy ALPHA.
Gorilla Glass 4 is Corning’s most harm safe spread glass to date and drastically enhances assurance against the bad effects of spread glass. They researched on several broken gadgets to survey how and why spread glass softens up real utilization. They found that harm created by sharp contact at first glance represented more than 70 percent of disappointments in the field. At that point researchers created test conventions to mimic these disappointments, and an item which could better withstand them – Gorilla Glass 4. Utilizing 0.4 mm Gorilla Glass 4 spread glass permits gadget planners more noteworthy choices for smooth and advanced gadgets while keeping up an extra ordinary safety, as in the previous phone of Galaxy ALPHA.


At short of what 7 mm thick, the Galaxy ALPHA offers the different configuration encounter the people’s demand. Its smartness and light weight, adding the quality of its tough Gorilla Glass 4 spread glass, make the Galaxy ALPHA an incredible fit for purchasers who need a modern look and feel without yielding usefulness.
“Corning invests a lot of time working together with Samsung to suggest arrangements that will persistently enhance their products.” told by the company. “We have to go more slender without relinquishing harm safety. Samsung is gathering these results, as well as is on the forefront of cell phone plan.”
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a worldwide pioneer in inventing new things always. Through persistent development and disclosure, they have inventions for cell phones, tablets, Pcs, cams, home machines, printers, LTE frameworks, medicinal gadgets, semiconductors and LED arrangements. We utilize 286,000 individuals over 80 nations with a huge amount of yearly offers. Gorilla Glass is the spread glass of decision for gadget producers.

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