Apple Air 2 and iPad mini on the way

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Apple is active in the market. It has announced different products in this year. It has created a competition by 4 new products in the market-big wonder for us but where is its new iPad?


There was much discussion for the unveiling of iPad Air 2 along with iPhone 6. We all know it is not happened and we have to wait for the new announcement of this device, for media personnel that will announce the good news.

The Touch ID sensor is integrated in the next iPad and iPad mini devices so that the owner of devices will have security by using their finger. To support its biometric security Apple would work to launch many products as possible.

The announcement of new iPad Air 2 is for Q1 in next year. We can see it early in next year or in the beginning of Q2 of 2015. The production of 9.7 inch is under production. The new 7.9-inch tablet is production stage.

The flagship is expected to have large screen, health assistance. The iPad business is in secondary category after iPhone for Apple. Consumers are intended towards large display. Perhaps a surprise event will be launched to steal the show with this innovation.

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