Apple iPhone 6 Is Likely To Appear With A Focus On Large Display

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The rumors about next-generation iPhone are gathering in recent weeks that in which major focus is on screen size. The screen size is likely to increase. The screen size is likely to increase from 3.5″ to 4″ then iPhone 5s.

Apple is trying with different screen sizes. Rumors are about 4.7″ to 5.5″ in order to compete the large display Android and Windcows smartphones. Company is acknowledging user demand for large display and addressing that specific area of market.


The release date of 4.7″-iPhone 6 is expected to be in September 2014. 5.5″-iPhone may not be available till early 2015.

Screen Size:

It also has a feature of durable sapphire display in some models. IPhone is expected to have thinner chassis. IPhone 6 is likely to be thinner than iPhone 5s (6mm to 7mm). IPhone 5s has thickness of 7.6 mm.

As iPhone 6 in displaying in 4.7″ to 5.5″ then it could have more resolution size for display which will require switching from 960×640 to 1136 × 640 displays. Apple may experiment a 4.7-inch 1600×900 with a 386 ppi screen and/or a 5.5-inch 1920×1080 that could have 401 ppi screens.

Technology Used:

Apple is like to continue use of it low temperature poly silicon (LTPS) technology which offer better mobility. Apple Company could use Sapphir crystal for display which better for small element as camera lens. Apple Iphone may have curved display but most chances are for flat screen.




Apple Iphone 6 will reportedly have 20 nanometer A8 chip with quad core 64-bit processor and quad core graphics and 1GB of RAM.

IPhone 5s used 8 MP camera sensors. It is improved in pixel size and aperture with LED flash. It will continue to feature Touch ID FingerPrint Sensor. It may also 802.11ac Wi-Fi, reaching speed over 1 GB.

IPhone 6 will be update with IOS 8 which integrates iWatch with focus on health apps. Apple is trying to add more additional features to OS.


Different model are appearing based on Japanese magazine. Most of the models has same set, true design will unclear till launch.

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