HTC Butterfly 2 launch, Touching the Markets of Asia First:

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There are long time rumors gathering that HTC may be working on HTC Butterfly handset that is claimed to be launched in several markets of Asia.

There are rumors that HTC Butterfly 2 is likely to be launched in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other markets in Asia may be that the phone may not have full grip in developed markets of Europe. India is not mentioned in the list, there are more chances to be launched in subcontinent.


It is revealed on Twitter that HTC Butterfly specifications are almost resemble to the HTC One M8 that has metal cover but its predecessor has plastic glossy-finish back-case. It is uncertain that new HTC model will has the dual-camera or not, that was seen on the back of HTC One (M8). Pic revealed also failed to reveal the rear camera feature.

The phone is spotted with speaker on top and bottom with a front-camera present on the top-right. The design resembles to HTC One M8 but camera is placed on opposite side.

Handset specification was not revealed on press photo but rumors are that it would have same hardware on HTC One M8.

Probably it could have 5″ HD touch screen.  2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor with 2GB of RAM.  It may include 16GB of internal memory with microSD memory card slot and a dual camera on the back as with predecessor.

It is suggested to have more powerful and faster processor that has 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 805. It is aimed to be released in Asia markets first and then on other parts of world similar to HTC One M8.

For now it is related to HTC j Butterfly (Japanese version). That’s why it will launch here first. It is uncertain now that when exactly the smartphone will be launched in the market, though it seems that it is seemed to have in the half of the year.

Although specs are said to same as HTC One M8, it is difficult to differentiate which already in Asia. It is interesting to see the two variants.

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