Twitter update for photo sharing and multiple photo upload

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The twitter as we all know that is one of the big social media where peoples combine together and share their views, pictures, and sms and make friends on it. Now the big deal is that the twitter updated its application and provided to their users facility of multi photo uploaded with that also improved the photo sharing.

As for the information of the user I want to tell u that this application (Twitter) is a free application.

So then for which thing you wait for so without wasting the time  join this bid social media : and then tweet your pictures, videos and sms or text  and  to your friends ( in terms of twitter friends can be say as followers)

The main objective behind this update is sharing and uploading multiple photos with the single tweet.


These above mentioned facilities can be viewed by mobile users also because twitter update its application for window phone also and now the mobile users can take full advantage from it and with that get free enjoyment also.

This updated application has a listed of featured which are mentioned as below:

  • The mobile users can tag their friends in a photo at the start of a conversation.
  • With the single Tweet the user able to  capture the moment by uploading multiple photos
  • Now the user can tweets with the new updated applications of twitter  photos,  videos and other select content to show a preview in their home timeline
  • From home time line the users are now able to follow someone, retweet or reply to them with the single tweet only.
  • Now they can share photos via a  Direct Message

For using this application and all the above future the user need to download and install the twitter application on their mobile devices.

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