BlackBerry Launches the Passport’s square screen size Mobile phone

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As the Blackberry has no need the words to introduction all we know that it is the famous mobile manufacturing company and it launches the mobile phones on regular intervals with the latest updation in it and provide their users a chance to facilities with the latest technologies on Blackberry mobiles.

After the success of Blackberry Z10, now Blackberry launched new phone with the passport size picture and in this post we are going to study detail of it.

As the maximum phones have atypical type of rectangular screen. This work till than especially in touch screen mobile also but this is not good in other homogenous set so by looking this Black beery has launched the new mobile phone.


Some silent features of this phone are listed as below:

It has a 4.5’’ large screen; this 4.5’’screen has the same display as 5”

It has the large width as compared to other normal phones, which look like the passport size screen. Due to Academic typology, on a single line in a black beery screen there are 66 characters. While the rectangular normal phones on a single line can only display 40 characters.

AS the Passport can show 60 characters on one line, and black beery this specific mobile also show same characters so this is reason that it is called as the Passport size screen mobile

Due to this large screen the user can easily browse the web, reading e-books and viewing documents as compared to other smartphones.

When this mobile come into the market it will generate large revenue because it is equally benefit for different categories of peoples like:   writers, financier’s architects, healthcare workers, etc

As we study in detail that this specific mobile device has the large screen which is very good for viewing the document and browsing the web but the issue is that can this mobile fit into the customer pocket? For that answer we need to see the dimension of this mobile device which still not released officially but we hope so that it can fit into the customer pocket

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