Some Funny Facts Of Mobile

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The mobiles replaced other devices which is used in our daily life and now these devices lost their importance and now only one device which is called as “cell-phone” or “Mobile- phone” replaced all these devices. Following we discussed them in a sequence

  • Mobile Born: Watch died
  • Mobile Born: Camera died
  • Mobile Born: Calculator died
  • Mobile Born: Torch died
  • Mobile Born: Radio died
  • Mobile Born: MP3 died
  • Mobile Born: Letters died
  • Mobile Born: Email died
  • Mobile Born: Peace of mind died
  • And if you’re mobile goes into the hands of your wife than you are died


So from above discussion we can say that mobile is a killer device and infect it is a killer device if it is not used in a proper way. Now we discussed another funny tips regarding mobile phone and that is

 Phone Number trick

For this user has to perform some steps as discussed below in a same way as they discussed as below

Step One:

First user have to take a calculator because this trick is perform on a calculator not the cell phone

Step Two:

Now user have to write the first three digits of their phone number (don’t mention the area code   for example if the user number is 01-123-4567, than the 1st 3 digits are 123).

Step Three:

Now multiply these numbers 80. User sees one result value.

Step Four:

Add 1 to this value

Step Five:

Now multiply this value by 250.

Step Six:

Now add the last 3 digits of phone number with a 0 at the end as one number

Step Seven:

Repeat the above step

Step Eight:

Subtract result from 250

Step Nine:

Divide number by 20


After completing all above steps user see three digits on the screen and these three digits are the digits of their phone numbers

This is a funny and amazing trick which is exactly working and I hope that user can read it implement it and found this post as an entertainment post regarding mobile phones.

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