Smart Light Bulb By Belkins WeMO

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The smart bulb market is gradually growing, many manufacturers entered the venue like Philips, GE, Samsung and LG; and now Belkin is offering its innovation.


WeMo Smart Bulb

WeMo app installed on a smartphone or tablet makes user able to control the WeMo LED Lightening Starter Set and WeMo Smart LED Bulbs like customize, schedule and dim. WeMo link is dedicated device on Smart bulbs that is used to connect it through a Wi-Fi network and controlled by app. The WeMo app is compatible for iOS and Android phones and tablets. The smart bulb produces light equivalent to 60 watt bulb at the cost of only 10 watts of energy.

A lot of control has been provided for this product like schedules are used to make rule for timing like sunrise and sunset. You can a vacation mode. You can set it on dim for sleep. This light bulb can be controlled individually, in a group or in with other products of WeMo. The WeMo link can control up to 50 smart bulbs.

The WeMo starter set and LED bulbs are available at Amazon, Belkin and Best Buy web for U.S and Canada for price of $99.99 and $29.99, respectively. You can download WeMO app for free.

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