Top 10 Smart Phone Apps Trending in 2016

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There are million of APPS in Google Playstore and other stores. If You’re looking for some best apps to download in your smartphones. Whether You need a app to store your data or you want an ads free browser or you need best photo editing app or you are looking for top class Antivirus softwares. There are hundred millions of apps available for your wish. But you don’t know which apps are best for your smartphone and you should install them in your Phone.

I’ve spend my 6 hours in checking stores to find some best smart apps for smartphones. In the result of that search i am finally able to create the list of top 10 smartphones apps which  you must need to install in your smartphone.

1. Google Drive:

Google Drive 2016

Google drive, the one of the best and must needed app for your smartphone. It is the best cloud storage service that not only increasing your storing capability and store your documents, photos, videos and other data online but also keep it safe and secure. You can get access to your Google Drive data from anywhere whenever you need.

Through Google drive you can easily share you stored data with others, enable offline file viewing, you can get access to Google drive pictures and videos through Google Photos, You can see your file activity and details. You can also use Google Docs, Google Sheets, and other applications to create and edit various types of files. Once you store your data in Google drive, it will automatically create backup of your data. So i personally think that Google drive is one the most important app that you need to install in your smartphone.

Installation link:

2. Inbox by Gmail:

Inbox message Google app

Inbox by Gmail is the must need app developed by Gmail team to fix email needs. It helps you in managing you emails easily. If you are getting hundreds of messages on daily basics but only few are important and you don’t want to open and read those long messages then Inbox by Gmail got the solution for it. It shows the important information through highlights and you don’t need to open and read the entire message. Inbox by Gmail makes a one bundle of similar emails. So you can easily deal with them all at once. You can also add reminders and snooze in it that really helps you in reminding things.

So do install this app to get rid of everything and enjoy an easier inbox forever.

Installation Link:

3. Job Search:Job search mobile phone app

Job, the most difficult thing to find in the world now a days. But wait there is an app that is making it more than easier. Yes now you can finds job through Indeed Jobs. Indeed Jobs/Jobs search in the best and easier search engine for finding jobs. You can get a list of thousands of jobs available in just single search instead of wasting hours looking through classified ads in newspapers and many different job posting sites. There are over 15 million jobs available in 50 countries and 28 languages. “Indeed jobs is the world’s number 1 jobs searching from finding job to applying for it.
So do install this app and it will help you in finding jobs for yourself, friend or relatives.

Application URL:

4. Prisma:

Prisma mobile phone app

Want to be an artist? Do install Prisma photo editing app. the best photo filter app. there are dozens of filters, arts and photo effects available in prisma. It transforms your images into professional artwork using its professional filters. So install this best app for photo editing.

App Installation URl:

5. SwiftKey Keyboard:

Swiftkey app

SwiftKey keyboard app is the best app for your smartphone that you must need to install in your Android smartphone. Swiftkey is the best keyboard off all time that Kills all of your typos. Type faster with A.I.-powered predictions, swipe-to-type with SwiftKey Flow, it has autocorrect option too that actually works. There are more than 80 designs, themes and colors which is amazing. SwiftKey Keyboard enables you to write in 100+ languages Including English, German, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Russian.
So upgrade your keyboard to SwiftKey Keyboard right now to enjoy those dozens of features for free.

SwiftKey Download here:

6. Antivirus & Security:

Antivirus Avast for mobile phones

Smartphone security is the most important and finding right app for it is more difficult. When you search for antivirus, Hundreds of apps appear on the screen of your phone. But the right and best security app for your smartphone is “Avest” mobile security. Antivirus & Security keep your phone save from every type of malware, unwanted privacy phishing, infected files, spyware, and malicious viruses. It is the best virus detection software that detect viruses from your browsing history, microSD card and internal memory. So download and install it right now to save your phone from every virus.

Download Url:

7. 1Weather (Widget Forecast Radar):

Beautiful weather app for mobile phones

1Weather, the best weather app in Google play store. This app is not free but it shows all the weather news in simple and beautiful Package. You can easily set up your location to get weather news and updates. Android Police, CNN and life hacker also feature this app as best weather app. You’ll get all the features of this app for Free but if you want to remove advertisement from it you need to pay $2 for it. 1weather is one of must-try android app.

Installation Url:

8. Google Play Music:

Google music player

Google Play Music is the must need app for music lovers. It is my favorite app for downloading music.  It gives you access to millions of songs or playlists that you want to hear. You can store up-to 50000 songs for free in it.

You can also choose family plan on Google Play store by signing up for it. So your six family members will be allowed to use this great app from your account.

So do download this app in your phone to hear some good voices.

Download Url:

9. Fast Speed Test:

Fast speed test

Fast speed test is the best and must needed app for your smartphone. It truly helps you in testing your internet speed anywhere in the world. No matter, which smartphone or broadband you are using. It is the project by Netflix. Initially it was a website but now they turned it into an app. There is many other app too for testing your internet speed but it is the most simple and easy to use app in all. When you open this app, it automatically starts testing your internet downloading speed and you don’t need to press any button.

This is totally free and most recommended app by us. so download it right now to test your downloading speed.

You can install application from Google Play Store:

10. Hulu – Watch TV & Stream Movies:

Hulu music app

Hulu is my favorite app for watching TV and streaming movies on your android. It has both free and paid services. In free service, it relies on ads and some available shows you can watch. But if you want ads free app and want to get access to all content of Hulu app then you need to pay a subscription fee. But if you don’t want to pay subscription fee and want only free feature then you’ll be able to watch only few shows including US comedies such as Family Guy, Seinfeld and South Park.

This app is currently available only in USA but hopefully, it will appear in other countries soon.
Download Url:

Hope you enjoyed these mobile app and will suggest more useful app to be installed

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