T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Kids Mode And Download Booster Updates

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 remains one of the most wanted innovations after Android smartphones available to customers regardless of recent unveilings. Now it has some new updates that resemble with the features of Samsung galaxy s5.


T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has become Download booster, Kids mode. It gave Kit Kat update in early March 2014, now it is receiving an additional updates, which includes a couple of Galaxy S5 features. Earlier Android 4.4.2 bring up-to-date had a software version N900TUVUCNB4. This new one is N900TUVUDNE6.

  • Software update Android version for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for T-Mobile remains unchanged, but it can now download the Kid’s mode apps. It fully replaces the launcher and apps with kid-friendly versions – both in positions of looks and in locking out young ones from the rest of the device, so that they can avoid from spending money for purchasing apps item. Now Youngers can access/get to their specific apps store with free and paid offers.
  • Second story is Download booster. Its look like to the Galaxy S5 feature, it is able to use the LTE and Wi-Fi connections to increase the speed of the download. This only works for large file greater than thirty (30) Mb and for built-in apps. Now it downloads the heavy files, games and apps in less time without using Wi-Fi calling features.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 4.6 has enhanced 5.7-inch with Full HD Super AMOLED display, and it is a smart innovations, It has a thin, lightweight design, the elegant new Galaxy Note 3 is capable of things you never imagined.

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