Samsung Introduced Wireless Medea Drive for Smartphone

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Give Strength to THE LAUNCH of its product last few days, Seagate has announced the launching of a Samsung-branded wireless hard drive.

The Samsung Wireless storage device is specially designed for smartphones and tablets. It consists upon 1.5TB hard drive and is capable for streaming media up to five devices at a time, running on battery power.


Samsung smartphones which have up to 40% market share can be acknowledge along this device, it is especially for smartphones which can easily carry out anywhere. This can be used over Android 2.3 and latest operating system easily.

The Samsung Wireless hard drive makes its own Wi-Fi hotspot that mobile devices can then logon to and reach to it.  At home, it can act as a pass-through, with the device logging onto the home Wi-Fi network and connecting it to smartphones and tablets.

Its storage is capable of carrying up to 375,000 MP3 files, about 750 plus movies or 425,000 photos or, and may more, a combination of some of all.

This increase the credibility directly in between the 1TB and 2TB Seagate branded models announced some days before.

Device also consists up on an USB 3.0 Port which can be used for transmission of data to and from device, and also use for the recharge of mobile devices.

It is a good step by Seagate for the smartphones user. And also they can get the advantages of Samsung which have its huge numbers of customer in all over the world.

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