General Tips for Mobile Phone Safety

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With mobile you can keep in touch with your relevant. Fancy, popular and expensive mobile is more liable to theft; more likely that they can steal your internet identity. Your mobile can be used for obnoxious calls. If you want to deal with these hassles to buy a new phone or paying for unauthorized phone use. You should find out the way to ensure that your phone finds its way back to you and making it difficult for thieves to get anything out of it.

mobile phone safety

Personal Caution:

  • Keep record- You should have record for your phone number, the make and model, color and look, Electronic Serial Number (ESN) and/or your International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number, the pin or security lock code.
  • Use the security lock code, or PIN feature, to lock your phone. Always lock your device, don’t leave it lying around open. This will make it less valuable to a thief and deny them access to personal numbers stored on your SIM card.
  • Keep your phone with you at all times.
  • If you’re worried about someone taking it, keep it hidden from sight.
  • Only give your mobile number to your friends and people that you trust. Don’t lend your phone to someone you don’t know or trust, or put it in a place where other people could get hold of it.
  • Don’t keep your confidential info, private videos and pictures in mobile card. Use secure internet service instead. These things are liable to misuse.
  • Try not to use unsecured Wi-Fi networks in public areas to access your email, purchase things or do your banking online.

Tips for stolen Mobile:

  • There are suppliers that provide modern anti-theft software or apps for your phone. The software enables you to remotely contact your mobile and stay in control.
  • Report your respective operator to get Your SIM blocked and get a duplicate of it.
  • Contact your carrier to get your Phone IMEI blocked on network.
  • If your phone is lost or stolen, report it to your local police station and your network operator immediately.

You should take care while buying second hand mobile online or at auctions that may be risky because they can be reported lost or stolen, be IMEI blocked and do not work.
No one intentionally loses their phone or has it stolen. There are many forms of mobile cyber-crimes – from your device being stolen to messages asking or encouraging you to visit a website which asks for your personal details.

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