Facebook Messenger 5.0 Brings Instant Photo Sharing And More For Windows Phone Users

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This Morning, Facebook has started introducing an update for its Facebook Messenger app. Now it takes the application version 4.0 to version 5.0 for Windows Phone users. It doesn’t come with new visual changes as u expected, since it is new big 5.0, users get some new features like better photos and video sharing options along with sticker shortcut. This version 5.0 app can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store free of cost, where it is currently scheduled in India.

Facebook messenger version 5.0 bring some new features for windows phone users, these are Groups, which allows users to make group of their friends; and the instant photo sharing function, which gives users the option to send a clicked image with just one knock in the app. Particularly, the new Groups feature can also be held to the device’s Start screen for quick access of app.


The new Facebook Messenger 5.0 app for Windows Phone comes with performance improvements that stopping the application to put more caching of images like stickers for better data fetching in the background. The new version v5.0 of Facebook Messenger also brings a feature of new photo gallery which is built into app, which allow user to do with images without leaving the app.

The Android users will grab the same Facebook Messenger version 5.0 update in early May and iOS users will have in late April of this year. The up gradation was announced on Windows Phone’s official blog, according to this them, an update to Messenger for Windows Phone will bring performance enhancements and new features. Taking and sharing a photo is much quicker, easy capturing and sending a photo with just one click.

Now don’t have to navigate the app to take a photo with a distinct camera app.” Additionally, Facebook Messenger app for Windows Phone8 attained in March 2014. The Windows Phone 8 app importantly did not support some features such as voice messaging, and chat heads, accessible for other platforms. Facebook announced that the monthly audience of Messenger was 200 million active users in April.


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