Blackberry Trying To Roll Out A Dual-Camera Smartphone

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BlackBerry seems to copy the idea of ​​HTC to have two cameras on a phone and can work on something related as we speak. Blackberry merely refuses to go quietly into the night and the Canadian brand hopes to gain ground in the Smartphblackberry-dual-cameraone market with a device with two cameras. Of course, HTC has paved the way for the HTC One M8, the first lighthouse twice camshaft sensors depth sport, but Blackberry likes the idea and will put his own spin on it.

Crackberry guys were poking their noses around BlackBerry OS 10.3 files and initiate something fascinating. They came across a design that we know, but he is now preparing a new hardware and get a new model number. As you can see in the depiction above, the design of the device in question is the same as the alliance with Blackberry Porsche Design P’9982 Blackberry or the king.


However, the model is on OS 10.3 files is the name of Kahn code (P’9983), or in other words, it is monitoring the original Porsche Design Blackberry king. The standout feature is the Kahn double lens camera on the back, giving the device a capability of the camera layers which is good for all kinds of tricks and assembly before and after shot.

But the key word is common, and we suspect to see the Kahn arrive before the end of the year. In other words, the original collaboration with Porsche, the P’9982 Blackberry king was not a consumer device; it was a combination of stainless steel + $ 2000. It is possible that Blackberry will stick to this collaboration, because it is more of a side project of anything else. Nevertheless, if the company is to play with this kind of technology, we believe it would be better to put in a combined stream in an attempt to boost sales. A niche device like Porsche Design it could just get lost.

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