Blackberry Fact Check Portal- To Show Fight Back

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It is true that Blackberry is nourishing now a days. We can say it is not going to dye now; it is working in different angle. It is working to grab to customer belonging to its old market of Government and enterprise customers, along everyone is in favor of a tight security.

The tech-giant of Canada is famous for its keyboard with QWERTY layout on their smartphones and is working hard to make its way through Blackberry Passport and Blackberry classic.

Blackberry want to reply to myths regarding survival of company and its handsets features, for this we have to wait till the handsets hit market. In accordance to this they initialized a BlackBerry Fact Check Portal upon they address any concern that user asks or faces and countering the malicious myths and rumors that are revolving around the web.
Their new site will help in creating smoke and mirror marketing tactics as vender are using. It is said that the doubt, fear and uncertainty has been created about blackberry which lead to chaotic and confused customer and so it is the time to hold and remove the fog.

It is uncertain to say how much this campaign will be effective. The first business centric phablet is developed by the company. The big may give user a productive look and faster text insertion will be enabled by the classic QWERTY keyboard.

In the U.S the company market share is zero but company wants to bust the perception that they are giving up so that they launched the portal in order to counter competitor’s tactics. They want to fight back.

Company is sharing the good news of its products to gain customer loyalties and want to remove the fiction.

Are you using their smartphones and you know any other using, do let them know about this.


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