Apple Watch-Round display concept

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There are many user that are complaining to Apple for its Square display, other companies like Motorola and LG has adopted the round display for their smart watches. Samsung design is also looking odd one. Apple should consider round one instead.


Apple Round Watch Concept

Apple has unveiled its rounded square watch a couple of days before. As Motorola has launched moto 360 circular watch, Apple watch is expected to be available in next year with two square editions and different kinds of finishes.

Alcion who is a Korean UX and UI designer rendered a 3D concept, offering Apple smart watch how would like to be as circular display and surprisingly there many mentioned UI elements that are matching to circular display accurately which includes activity monitor and home interface.

It is expected that the Apple watch is sides are bit bulging now. The offered concept is said to be a potential for future reference. Alcian’s demonstration depicts that how circular device will look like.

The Apple watch is expected to launch early in next year and Apple said to have another model soon anytime. The designs concepts are indication for a special Apple wear. Let’s see what happens, how Apple will squeeze components into thin and premium frame.

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