Temple Run 2, Next Version is Available Now

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Temple Run 2 is a 2013 running flash game which is developed and published by Imangi Studios. A sequel to the original game, it was produced, designed and programmed by husband and wife team Keith Shepherd.

Temple Run 2

    • Temple Run 2 received a significant updates, a new water feature, holiday artifacts, and a limited-time playable Santa character.


    • Temple Run 2 now includes a water slide, which players navigate by tilting their devices left and right to dodge rocks. As with regular gameplay, swiping is used to change direction and duck under logs.


    • The game also includes several holiday additions, such as a Santa character unlocked with 60 gems that can be purchased or earned through gameplay.


    • The most notable new addition is cloud support. Developer and publisher Imangi Studios will introduce cloud-saving functionality. That means gamers will be able to keep running across all their devices.


  • Gamers will be able to save their progress in the cloud (not just locally), and then they’ll be able to maintain the same player profile across any device. They therefore won’t have to start from scratch every time they load Temple Run 2 on a new device.

Temple Run 2 is one of those games where you don’t really need a “guide” to succeed at a high level. If you’ve got a couple of fingers and a decent understanding of the point of an auto-runner, you’ll do just fine.

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