Jury Ordered Samsung to pay $120m to Apple

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In US, California jury ordered Samsung to pay 120m dollars to Apple Company for infringement of two Apple patent. It was a long trial in which Samsung was accused for violating patent of mobile features which includes Global search. Samsung denied any wrong doing.  Apple  and Samsung has been litigating for three years. Jury awarded $930 million to Apple in 2012 trail against older Samsung products. Most of them are banned for sale in U.S but Apple failed to gain permanent bane over the sale of Samsung products in U.S.

samsung vs apple


Apple had litigated $2bn at the trial that Samsung has violated patents on smartphone features. Apple accused that Samsung is infringing five of its patents covering functions which includes “slide to unlock” from its devices.

The jury found that Samsung has violated a patent for Apple’s slide-to-unlock feature and placing links in apps. However, it was found that Samsung did not violated patents for technology that enables users to search their phones for information

apple vs samsung


This amount is said to be less than 10% of the amount that was requested by Apple and much less that Apple spent in this case.

Samsung denied it and sought about $6m that Apple had infringed two of its smartphone patents which include camera use and video transmission.

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