3-fold Touch-touchy 8.7 inch OLED Display from SEL

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Semiconductor Energy Laboratory (SEL) Co foldable AMOLED


Semiconductor Energy Laboratory (SEL) Co Ltd showcased a three foldable OLED presentation  at Display Innovation 2014, an exchange demonstrate that runs from Oct 29 to 31, 2014, in Yokohama, Japan.


At the SID-2014 SEL and Nokia presented a 5.9 inch three foldable AMOLED Display, now SEL is prepared to present a bigger presentation with included touch board capacity. SEL is glad to present a 8.7 inch foldable OLED Display with a 1080×1920 pixel determination with 254ppi. The primary form which SEL showcased at SID-2014 has a  1,280 x 720 pixel determination by 249ppi. The organization utilize a c-pivot adjusted oxide semiconductor for the backplane. The entryway driver is shaped on a substrate, and its source driver is acknowledged by COF (chip on film). The thickness mass and opening proportion of the presentation are 100μm or less, 6g and 46%, separately. The shade presentation is acknowledged by consolidating a color channel and white Oleds having a coupled structure.


SEL utilize a top emanation sort and a capacitive touch board shockingly. The showcase is made by shaping a discharge layer, fixing layer and color channel layer in a specific order on a glass substrate. The color channel layer and OLED layer are connected to one another, and the glass substrates are peeled off and supplanted with adaptable substrates.

SEL educated us that the book sort OLED and three fold Display can be twisted more than 100.000 times and the presentations can be bowed up to shape span of 2mm and 4m.

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