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Puppy Coloring Book

Puppy Coloring Book

Downloads: 572  
Version: 1.2 
Languages: English 
Requirements: 3.1 and up 
Type: apk 
Uploaded On: December 9, 2016 
Android Support: Yes 
Category: Home / Free Apps / Entertainment

Puppy Coloring Book Screen Shots:

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Puppy Coloring Book Description:

Let the cutest baby animals melt your heart while you tap to paint the newest sketches of them. One of them is the same as your lovely dog when he was small but this one even has the crown. Download free the best Puppy Coloring Book app and enjoy the stunning illustrations of adorable pets. You will be amused in a completely different way so scroll through the drawings on the choose picture page and select the one you like the most. The lovely puppy is running and holding a single rose in its mouth. It was a surprise for you. It is true that these gentle animals love their owner more than they love themselves. Tap to paint and when you finish save what you have done in the gallery. Or you can set the photo as the wallpaper and it will decorate your tablet magnificently. Moreover, you can enjoy it any time you wish.
Also you can create your own drawing or just doodle. While you are engaged with this activity the time will smoothly flow. While you think which color to select to embellish the cutest pet ever you will surely start daydreaming of hugging your dog who is your best friend and playing with him. Listen the cool music in the background and relax. The latest Puppy Coloring Book on your smartphone will melt your heart with the sweetest images of the baby animals. One of them is so sad and you want to cheer her up so you open the paint palette to choose some brilliant green or orange tone. Maybe it will smile. Finish this popular sketch so that you can share it with your friends. Check out the brush which size you can adjust and you can use it to draw the lines. You can even embellish the awesome photos with pink bows.
Instructions for the Puppy Coloring Book app:
 Select the drawing on the choose picture page
 If you wish you can create your own image
 Tap the paint bucket to color the illustration
 To draw lines use the brush and if you make a mistake click the eraser
 In the end store your work in the gallery or set it as a wallpaper
The top Puppy Coloring Book for adults and children will fascinate you with the illustrations of the cutest pet sleeping on the softest pillow. Fill the outlines with the warmest tones of brown and blue. If you are bored with the white background just tap to cover it with some vivid shade. The popular virtual painting book with lovely puppy coloring pages will take your breath away. Observe the drawing of the adorable baby animal coming out from the box wrapped in like the present. It is so glad that it sees you. You can tell that by the expression on its face. Tap to paint this new picture and breathe life into it and if you make a mistake use the undo button to erase it.
Show it to your children and they will be fascinated with the photo you made and which you can set as wallpaper. It will embellish your phone wonderfully. You should do the next illustration together and do not forget to save everything you finish in your gallery. Then share it with your friends. They will surely recognize your art talents. With the latest Puppy Coloring Book you will be able to adopt the most fascinating pets at least virtually. Fill the outlines of the cool sketch of the lovely dog with the milky white tones and its long fur coat will look stunning. Change also the white background and to do that you should tap the paint bucket with some brilliant shade. Escape the real life and download free the top Puppy Coloring Book to amuse yourself with sensational sketches of baby animals.

Puppy Coloring Book More features details:

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