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Lullaby Coloring Book

Lullaby Coloring Book

Downloads: 546  
Version: 1.2 
Languages: English 
Requirements: 3.1 and up 
Type: apk 
Uploaded On: December 9, 2016 
Android Support: Yes 
Category: Home / Free Apps / Entertainment

Lullaby Coloring Book Screen Shots:

Lullaby Coloring Book Lullaby Coloring Book Lullaby Coloring Book Lullaby Coloring Book Lullaby Coloring Book Lullaby Coloring Book Lullaby Coloring Book Lullaby Coloring Book Lullaby Coloring Book Lullaby Coloring Book Lullaby Coloring Book Lullaby Coloring Book Lullaby Coloring Book Lullaby Coloring Book Lullaby Coloring Book Lullaby Coloring Book

Lullaby Coloring Book Description:

Have you ever wanted to enjoy the night starry sky and the crescent moon? That is the most charming period of the day for you and you are amazed with the sketches presenting it. Get the newest game and be surprised with it. Do not hesitate but download the latest Lullaby Coloring Book app free of charge and have fun with your children. Keep in mind to install this on their phones too. Go to the choose picture page and select one of the cool illustrations. The cutest panda that is ready to go to sleep blows you a heart-shaped kiss. Embellish this drawing and tap the paint bucket to apply the mesmerizing black and white shades to the outlines of this sweet animal. Do not be shy but express your creativeness in the best possible way and maybe you will create the masterpiece of art.
You can also listen the slow music in the background and it will relax you magnificently while you embellish the tiny areas of the sparkling stars that bedeck the night sky. Look at the baby sleeping tight on the crescent moon and have fun with this drawing. Set this magnificent photo as the wallpaper and it will decorate your smartphone in an interesting way. Choose the sketch from the newest lullaby coloring images, and it will prepare you in the wonderful way for the sweet dreams. Scroll through the awesome drawings on the choose picture page and select the one you like the most. Tap to color the loveliest teddy bear during sleep. The soft pillow is below his head and he is tucked under the warm blanket. The cool Lullaby Coloring Book will keep you amused for hours. Change the white background with some brilliant glowing shades that you can choose from the paint palette and the photo will resemble the sensational starry night sky.
Instructions for the Lullaby Coloring Book app:
 Select the drawing on the choose picture page
 If you wish you can create your own image
 Tap the paint bucket to color the illustration
 To draw lines use the brush and if you make a mistake click the eraser
 In the end store your work in the gallery or set it as a wallpaper
Save your work of art to your gallery and show it to your friends. They will recognize your art talents. Browse the top lullaby coloring pages to find the illustration of the cutest giraffe above the soft white clouds. She looks so cute while she sleeps tight. Use the brush which size you can adjust to draw the outlines of it carefully and precisely. When you finish it save it to your gallery. Feel how this activity relaxes you and improves your concentration. The popular Lullaby Coloring Book is created and designed for people of all ages. Let your kids have this wonderful new game on their phones and as soon as they open the virtual painting book they will be entertained magnificently.
Pinch to zoom in and out and then you will be able to draw even in the smallest areas on the best sketch. The latest Lullaby Coloring Book for adults and for children will cheer you up in a blink of an eye. Show the popular illustrations of the teddy bear holding the crescent moon while the sky around it is embellished with spectacular stars to your kids and they will love it. It will amuse them wonderfully. Do not hesitate but express your creativeness and use the brush to create your own cool photos. This game is stress relieving and it will make all your worries and problems disappear. What is also important is the fact that you can set this drawing as the wallpaper. It will decorate the screen of your tablet wonderfully. The undo button will help you if you make a mistake and it will erase the last change you have made. Download free the top Lullaby Coloring Book app and get ready to sleep tight after you paint the sensational illustrations.

Lullaby Coloring Book More features details:

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