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Astronaut Space Hover

Astronaut Space Hover

Downloads: 562  
Version: 1.7 
Languages: English 
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up 
Type: apk 
Uploaded On: May 16, 2017 
Android Support: Yes 
Category: Home / Free Apps / Adventure

Astronaut Space Hover Screen Shots:

Astronaut Space Hover Astronaut Space Hover Astronaut Space Hover Astronaut Space Hover Astronaut Space Hover Astronaut Space Hover Astronaut Space Hover Astronaut Space Hover Astronaut Space Hover Astronaut Space Hover Astronaut Space Hover Astronaut Space Hover Astronaut Space Hover Astronaut Space Hover Astronaut Space Hover Astronaut Space Hover

Astronaut Space Hover Description:

»»»»»»»Have you ever dreamed of travelling through cosmos? Now you will be able to do it with the newest game. Rush to the market and download free the latest ♥Astronaut Space Hover♥ app on your phone. You will meet the most interesting hero of all times and it will inspire you to follow your dreams. Your task will be to be in the control flight and navigate the cutest player in the air. You will spend wonderful time observing the sensational dark space around you. Look at the shining sun and be amazed with it. Do not let the landscape distract you because you have to be extremely careful. You have to avoid all the obstacles that you may encounter. All of them are very dangerous and life threatening. It will be awesome if you can collect a shield and then use it to protect your hero when you see the incoming comets on fire. Even though they may seem spectacular and beautiful they will make you fall down and this top game will be over. Indulge in the fascinating adventure and get the ♥Astronaut Space Hover♥.
• Tap to take off and control flight
• Avoid obstacles and barriers
• Collect awesome power-ups
• Buy a shield that will protect you
• Collect items for acceleration
• Get the highest score
»»»»»»»Make new best friends with the sensational hero and be impressed with his space suit. You have always wanted to have one with which you can explore the universe. Do you know that still there are no signs of life out there? Do not be afraid if you come across little green alien in flying saucers and beware not to crash into them. If that still happens, you will fall down and lose life. Also, avoid collision with the amazing barriers like fiery lasers, as they will end your adventure. With the popular ♥Astronaut Space Hover♥ for smartphones and tablets, you will be entertained for hours. Remember to collect the golden stars while you are flying in the air. Make a small fortune and with it, you will be able to purchase various helpful items in the shop. The coolest feature of this top game is the possibility to buy another player. Look at that cute hero with a ponytail and she will completely amaze you. She will make the adventure even more interesting. That makes the latest ♥Astronaut Space Hover♥ app suitable both for boys and for girls.
»»»»»»»This is one of the best adventure addictive games in the world and it represent a real enjoyment for kids. While it keeps their attention, you will have just enough time to finish the housework. You can even organize a small contest among them and their friends and they will spend the loveliest afternoon. Tell them that the challenge is to set the highest high score and let them play. Do you know that while you fly in cosmos with the top ♥Astronaut Space Hover♥, you will have certain mission that you should accomplish? They make this latest game even more awesome so make sure to finish as much of them as possible. When you collect enough golden stars, you can buy helpful items in the shop. There are various power ups like potion for speed. With it you will be able to move super fast and survive impacts. Another one spiral galaxy destroys incoming obstacles for you. You can also purchase cool star with a heart, which will provide you with a second chance. If you ever fall down you will be able to take off and continue flight. Enjoy while you observe all the planets around you and download free the popular ♥Astronaut Space Hover♥ app on your smartphone or tablet.

Astronaut Space Hover More features details:

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