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How to store games on microSD card ?

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How to store games on microSD card ?
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I own LG mobile phone and its model is Optimus L9. The problem with this set is there only 2.7GB memory of this model and all large applications can not be installed on this so limited memory. I need to move some of the games to microSD card so I can install new applications directly on internal memory. I have seen some YouTube videos related to that for example you can do this using CleanMaster. I thought before doing that I should ask from the community who actually did the same and found no harm.

Please help me in this situation Thanks. 
Re: How to store games on microSD card ?
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Muhammad Farooq
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Hi Chuck_Saz,
You can move your apps and games internal memory to SD card, simply using application manager from settings menu.
See bellow image, still have problen ask again .
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