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Smart Light Bulb By Belkins WeMO

The smart bulb market is gradually growing, many manufacturers entered the venue like Philips, GE, Samsung and LG; and now Belkin is offering its innovation. WeMo app installed on a smartphone or tablet makes user able to control the WeMo LED Lightening Starter Set and WeMo Smart LED Bulbs like customize, schedule and dim. WeMo...


Lenovo Vuzix deal for M100 smart glass to sell in China

Now Google Glasses are only available for sale in USA and UK. The Vuzix which is smart glass maker for enterprises is trying to foothold in China market and hoping that it can sell head mounted smart glasses in China. The Vuzix has negotiated with Lenovo they will launch their M100 smart device in Chine...


Samsung Introduced Wireless Medea Drive for Smartphone

Give Strength to THE LAUNCH of its product last few days, Seagate has announced the launching of a Samsung-branded wireless hard drive. The Samsung Wireless storage device is specially designed for smartphones and tablets. It consists upon 1.5TB hard drive and is capable for streaming media up to five devices at a time, running on battery power. Samsung...