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Samsung announced Galaxy Core Lite an LTE smartphone

More and more devices are lined up by Samsung these like no other body in business yet and there are a lot of different series and models. What we are seeing – we are seeing latest enrollment made by Samsung in industry of its Android smartphone which is called Galaxy Core Lite now officially unveiled...


Samsung And B&N Publicize Galaxy Tab 4 Nook

Samsung and Barnes & Noble announced today that they will be associating on the announcement of a fresh tablet. Named Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, the tab will aim to convey new life to B&N’s squad of affordable schedules, which has not seen new hardware in quite a while. The hardware of the new tablet Galaxy...


At&T Introducing Two New Samsung Lte Tablets

AT&T has widened its schedule of LTE capable tablets. It is adding two new Samsung models. AT&T is actually the first mobile provider to agreement the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1. You can pick it up for just 379.99 dollar with a two year deal or pay 24 dollar in a month with zero money...