LG G Pad 7.0 LTE bundled with LG smartphones on AT&T for a buck

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The news for LG G Pad 7.0 is starting to roll out in late spring. In May we have seen the official announcements of these tablets, in June detail specifications are discovered. In July we had saw that these are available for sale in U.S market. Now in the month of August carriers are giving them importance. Now AT&T has listed this device in the queue for a special deal.

As we are familiar that it has a price $150 in U.S market but this was for a Wi-Fi version.  Now it is offering for a device which is LTE enabled device, with a little bit increase in the price. AT&T has announcement for user of market. AT&T is trying to look over $300 if you want to have on monthly installment plan or you can have an agreement of two year of service, for that you only have to pay $150.


Now discussing the mentioned deal as above; if you have little hesitation for mentioned plans, the AT&T has bundled this device with the purchasing of LG smartphones, for this if you get LG G3, LG G2, or LG flex which will be on contract from AT&T then the carrier will offer you the purchase of a LG G Pad only for a buck but you will have to sign contract of 2 year service for LG G pad 7.0, It would be nice offer if you a plane for purchase of new smartphone mean you can toss for a tablet in the same bag just for one more dollar.

On 8th August, It will be offered at online stores for $150 with an agreement of two year or you can pay $12.50 on monthly basis for period of 20 month at AT&T. With LG G Pad users will be able to make and receive calls and they can reply for a message. This tablet also has split screen facility that can different app.

It is also coming with the feature of 4G LTE, can be added in agreement for monthly payment of $10 dollars. You can grab 7-inch tablet on 8Th August.

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