Home Automation Using D-Link’s Wi-Fi Smartplug

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D-Link is the company that deals with routers and home products took a step in home automation and recently announced that they have made a Wi-Fi smart Plug by which user can control power –flow of electronic devices over their electronic outlets by using free mobile apps. The small adapters are linked with any Wi-Fi networks and can be plugged into any electric outlet.

Smart Plug



There are more fantastic features provided with this appliance are;

  • You connected a device to smart plug and controlled it’s on and off features.
  • Energy use can be monitored, energy monitoring feature surprisingly minimize your electric bills.
  • You can manually shut down your power outlet.
  • Smart Plug is preventing your device from overheating by using a thermal heater.
  • Device schedule can be controlled by smart plug when you are not at home.

The D-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug has flexible design and has three pronged sockets with which a device can be connected. It is operated via easy Wi-Fi connection without the need of particular wireless connection. It is helpful in unpredictable electric disaster and reducing load on electric wires.

It is now available in slightly lower price of $60. iOS and Android Apps for Smart Plug can be downloaded freely on App Store and Google Play.



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