Google Enhanced Chrome OS And Android Devices To Have Better Working With Each Other

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Android was unveiled in 2007 and at that time there was Chrome OS yet. Google total efforts are revolving around Android. Company worked out Chrome Brower for desktop and mobile OS.

Now Google is putting its efforts to make its Chrome OS better in order to have better experience with Android devices. At I/O conference this feature was demonstrated that how Android device will unlock the Chrome OS laptop. Now you do not need to move back and forth for notifications that were appearing on each device, will also show on other device.


These types of little practice are the part of strategy so that these two platforms will be unified. Google is planning that Chrome OS will be able to work on Android devices. It will also be considered that user will able to access apps direct from Chrome launcher. At Google conference Vine, Evernote and Flipboard are showed as example in this regard. It not disclosed that how a developer can get benefit from this.

If you are unclear that what is the benefit from this stuff , the answer will be that it will help user of  Android devices to dock their tablets and smartphones in a unified system that will make them a Chrome OS-based computers. If you have notice Asus Padfone, that will fit in that kind of situations.

Surely, Google is not the one that is making efforts for this kind of convergence. Recently, Apple also registered itself by introducing a variant of OS X which is named as Yosemite. It is also able to bring iOS devices notifications to a big screen. Along it is sure that Microsoft is also working on ‘One window ‘concept that will unify different platform. Canonical is also considerable is this regard which is player for Ubuntu that is a true convergence OS.

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