Google Brings New update for Hotel and Restaurant Search to Android

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google plus hotelGoogle has recently introduced an update for the search of Hotel and Restaurant on Android devices, which gives searchers a filter tool when they are looking for restaurants and hotel in their city, creating a lot of ease for you. As an example for searching you can say “show me hotel in Washington”, then you will get the list of hotels in your city.

Same is the case with restaurants that you can search as “Show me restaurants in New York”, and then you’ll have listing of different site or places to stay or eat. You can filter the search by date, hotel class, ratings, price etc.

Google is trying to gradually add it traveling aid in its searches to mobile phones. Hotel search aggregates data from various sites and it is pretty flexible search. You may ask for cheap and expense one. It will display most prioritized or well rated one. This is a good thing that you can filter this by ratings.

You can make your reservations easier. This is a very welcome update, all you need to run a Google search app on your Android device. For now it is only available in US, it will expend in more market in near future.

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