Fifa World Cup 2014 Top Apps To Be Updated During The Event

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The Fifa world cup is going to happen and it is few days away. We have listed some useful app. These official apps are very reliable. You can try the following to stay updated.


Forza Football

You can use it for live scores, quick stats, and updates. With the help of this you can track matches, players and instant updates; you can have discussions for your favorite teams, players, managers and other things which are related to football. The most venerable feature of the app is called infographic that will provide instant update so that you can judge the potential outcomes in the group stages in real time.

ESPN FC Soccer & World Cup

You can have in-depth analysis and commentary for a team from experts, the app is giving the facility of customization of your experience that you can choose a favorite team of your choice to follow. You can get timely alerts for everything from score updates to team stats in game. And if you are live in the US, you can watch video highlights of your favorite games.

Apart from alerts like line-ups, kick-off, goals, half-time scores and results you can get alerts for the teams that is your favorite and you supporting too, you can watch 31 games live. You can also have highlights of match.

Sports Yapper

It you have missed the chance to watch the match with your friends then this app may help you. Sports Yapper gives to a fans platform in which you can share the updates with friends and other fans. It is similar to share on social media the pics and highlight of match with friends and fans.

FIFA ’14

It is painful to watch your favorite team as to be hit in match then to relax yourself during such moments of match, you can use FIFA ’14, which is iOS offering. It is a game which allows players to play and compete in their own World Cup Pools and mend their teams and line up them to see fit. If you are in a mood to challenge a friend the Multiplayer mode is also available.

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