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Samsung Galaxy S6-All Metal Body device

The purported Samsung Galaxy note 4 is said to have metal body but Samsung Galaxy s6 is said to be the first device which has all metal body. This device is suggested to reveal in the year of 2015. There are reports that this trend of all metal body is not fully committed by company...
  • Yes! You do not believe that it is the same phone which has different operating system. What do you think about this… no! It is a window Phone 8.1 phone but a copy of HTC One M8 which is android powered. This device is exclusive to Verizon and will be available on online store from... read more..
  • There are reports that Apple is going to release its 6th generation iPod in the month of October.  It also has plane to unveil its iPad tablet in October. The fall of 2014 will bring great thing such as there are suggestion that iPhone 6 is set to be released in Sept of 2014, after... read more..
  • Now days we are using the device which are using touch system which includes smartphones, music player and gaming system. It needs a finger or stylus for taping. It may happen that it may not respond well and you pull your hair. This could have several reasons; this could be due to improper protector, improper... read more..
  • Definitely, everyone is in need of money, you want to sell your Samsung Galaxy S4 device to gain extra money. Some people need to sell old one to get a new one. Some people need to exchange the smartphones for a better choice… but all these should be familiar with a preventive measure before they... read more..
  • After the success of LG G watch the LG is working of its successor version with aim that Koran with load itself to complete the IWatch- the product of Apple. This smart wear is considered to be a game changer in the market. There are chances it will have a circular display. LG is working... read more..
  • It seems that Window phone user interface is adopted as a convention in the smartphone. After seeing Apple UI, Google introduced its Android L, now Xiaomi has introduced the new smartphone the MIUI6 with a nasty look. This type of interface is said to be gaining popularity in the users The Xiaomi MIUI6 got new... read more..
  • Microsoft is preparing the event which is going to be held in 4th September and Lumia 730 device is almost revealed and there is chance for Lumia 830 also to appear in Lumia series. The Lumia 730 has passed out the FCC tests. The device specs are partially revealed earlier which suggests the possibility of... read more..
  • Couple of months ago HTC One E8 was announced which seems similar in design to the HTC One M8. In this smartphone polycarbonate is added instead of metal frame. No launch date is revealed in U.S yet. There are suggestions that it will grab Sprint. On YouTube channel there is Sprint official video. They have... read more..
  • Sony wants to grab the market in Asia and in order to get more customers Sony is said to have worked on an affordable Xperia Phablet. This device is marked as Sony D22XX. It is first captured by Indonesian Postal site. It is an entry level device. Following features are covered in this device The... read more..

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