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How to free up space in iPhone

It is very disgusting that you iPhone is running out of storage and you are trying again to free it but seem to be not enough. Photos and videos normally occupy enormous memory but if you are again seeing not enough memory then something has to be done more deeply. The tip that we will...
  • Now Google Glasses are only available for sale in USA and UK. The Vuzix which is smart glass maker for enterprises is trying to foothold in China market and hoping that it can sell head mounted smart glasses in China. The Vuzix has negotiated with Lenovo they will launch their M100 smart device in Chine... read more..
  • In the world of mobile it is continued to discuss the hot topic of Sony Xperia Z3, it is a fact that the tech giant is not seemed to be in rush to officially announce it. The @evleaks is seemed to have more knowledge. There were long rumors about Sony Xperia Z3 specs and its... read more..
  • Samsung Galaxy Alpha leaked out in online photos, revealing that it is not quitting yet. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is considered to be one of the premium devices as it was expected in tablet devices like Samsung Galaxy pro. There were rumors gathering around that the company is intended to work on metal handsets instead... read more..
  • Microsoft has announced its new device called Nokia Lumia 530. Since Microsoft had finalized dealing with Nokia acquisition, it is first Lumia launched in April. It is successor to it Lumia 521 which gained success in the market. After the close of deal Nokia Lumia 635 was announced. It is claimed to be budget friendly... read more..
  • Xiaomi may not be well known in western world but it Asia it has great impact regarding Android OEM. In Beijing, Chine, the time came when Xiaomi has unveiled officially the new flagship device which is claimed to be fastest smartphone in the world. This is 4G LTE-enabled Mi4. The thing we missed now and... read more..
  • People are hoping to see what happing in the field of Android wear because that is thing in HTC is quit for long time. Just reminding in March, there were rumors gathering around that HTC was working on wearable device. We have seen many brands announcing their products using Android platform. When Android wear is... read more..
  • It was long rumored that NVIDIA is working on tablet controller and screen combination. There is bit confirmation for leaking information of upcoming SHEILD tablet. There were rumors which seem to be true and no more secret now. On VideoCardz there is much detail leaked about price, specs. The companion controller described for $60. This... read more..
  • Amazon has announced its Kindle unlimited service and expectedly there will be variety of books available to choose from pile of 600,000 e-books. It seems to be a lot but mini percentage from the millions of eBooks available to buy from Amazon. This service is said to have offer to pick up lot of e-book... read more..
  • The Apple Company going to be launching the new iphone and give the name as i phone 6 and it come into the market very soon .According to report this phone came into the market round about the month of September in this year. The iPhone 6 has two versions regarding their size. The smaller... read more..

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